The Super Bowl isn’t until Sunday, but Kia’s commercial featuring none other than Motley Crue has already popped up online. The “A Dream Car For Real Life” commercial depicts a guy driving the Kia Optima while experiencing the ultimate male dream in his sleep, only to break into his wife’s dream for a fairy tale ending. And naturally, the ultimate male dream includes a scantily clad Adriana Lima, MMA’s Chuck Lidell going berserk in the ring, lumberjacks sawing an enormous sub sandwich, and Motley Crue playing “Kickstart My Heart” in the middle of a race track.

With that said, it’s actually a pretty fun commercial, and we have no objections to seeing a snippet of Motley Crue’s pyro fueled show in a car commercial. Plus, it’s way better than Honda’s recent commercial. Watch Motley Crue in Kia’s Super Bowl commercial above, unless you really want to wait till Sunday to watch in on TV.