Yesterday, (30) Phil Anselmo & the Illegals officially kicked off their Technicians of Distortion tour in Oklahoma, but the day before the group played a surprise pre-tour show at Columbia Street Rock & Blues in Covington, Louisiana. From the sound of it, Phil was able to keep his voice sounding just like it does on Walk Through Exits Only, which is quite the feat to accomplish.

Want even more good news about the tour? Phil has said that me might break out some Pantera songs on this upcoming tour. When he was asked to elaborate, in  a recent interview with Natalie’s World, Phil said:

“[We spoke] about the ‘Metal Masters'[clinics] earlier, and we definitely do some old Pantera songs and really… All that does for me is, it makes me remember the old days, and that’s something that’s very enjoyable. Pantera  is not the first band to have a tragic circumstance, we’re not the first band to break up, and we’re not the first band to go through problems or anything like that. So, to me, a lot of my memory is great memories of Pantera I really enjoy playing live and doing the shows, because our audiences were so fucking incredible, and the power coming off the stage was so fucking wonderful. It’s tough to beat. To me, it just brings back great memories.”

In case you weren’t convinced by the first video, here’s one more. So yeah. Get out there and make sure you see Phil Anselmo when he plays near you. Check out here for tour dates.