Fan falls from upper level at Tool show

Posted by on February 4, 2016

tool2015On Sunday, January 31st, Tool wrapped up several weeks of dates with a sold-out show at New Orleans’ ridiculously-named Smoothie King Arena. Allegedly, the show didn’t end without incident, however, as a concertgoer either fell or jumped from the upper level of the concert landing on people below him. The Advocate reports that journalist Wesley Hodges, who was attending the show, thinks the guy might have fallen from the balcony suite during the band’s encore:

“It was scary,” Hodges said. “I caught it out of the corner of my eye. I saw a body coming down and heard a really loud crash. I saw him lying on the ground. There was chaos after that. People were screaming.”

A spokesperson for the venue confirmed that a patron fell an an investigation is ongoing. Meanwhile on Reddit, there are two user accounts of the incident. Both suggest that the fan was intoxicated and landed on two girls. “One girl had an injured neck and the other kept holding her arm,” one account reads. “After about 10 minutes police/paramedics determined guy was ok and lifted him up and escorted him out.” Another is an unconfirmed report saying the concertgoer fell (or jumped) two levels instead of one, and says that the concertgoer tried to fight the first responders and was escorted away from the section after being zip tied. This is probably the kind of “insufferable” fan that Maynard James Kennan was talking about in an interview.

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