credit: Nick Forkel


Texas doom/death/grind outfit Turbid North are gearing up for their third album, The Decline, out January 20th 2023 (pre-order here). We caught up with Nick Forkel as he revealed his top 5 favorite albums of 2022.  


05) Undeath, It’s Time…To Rise From the Grave

If you want that 90’s death metal Cannibal Corpse vibe, then this is your jam. It gets straight to the point and never lets up.  I fully approve of this band.  





04) Imperial Triumphant, Spirit of Ecstasy

This album was my first time ever hearing these guys and I’m so glad I found them. Super unique blend of jazz and death metal. Love their imagery.





03) Earthless, Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons

Definitely one of the best heavy psych bands around and they delivered again. So many good riffs on this one. The perfect psychedelic soundscape for a long night drive.  





02) Conan, Evidence Of Immortality

Crushing. Pummeling riffs. Dirty as fuck bass. Conan doing their thing.





01)  Elder, Innate Passage

These guys just never disappoint. From the very get go with this one, you know your ears are in for a treat. All the different textures and sounds on this really takes you on a musical journey. They just have the perfect blend of heavy ’70s prog rock that I love.