Seven (Sic) things “Surfacing” about Slipknot this week – 8/13/19

Posted by on August 13, 2019

05) Corey Taylor could never see band losing their masks 


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently spoke to Overdrive to discuss the band’s new album, We Are Not Your Kind. During the discussion, the big loud mouth explained why the band will most likely never get rid of their masks:

“No, it’s such a part of our art. It’s also part of the reason why we change the masks with every album. Unlike KISS, they have always used the same make-up and it never evolved. For us, we’ve changed with every album and not only the masks but also the outfits. You can totally tell every album by the uniform. I think things like that have kept Slipknot relevant, it’s kept the music vibrant, it’s kept the live shows different and it’s kept us from stagnating.

So, no, I could never see us losing the masks. If we ever got the notion to do Slipknot unmasked, I think I’d be like; ‘Well…. ehh no.’ We are all in our 40’s now and we still very much have a love/hate relationship with what we do but every-time we step on stage, we’re absolutely prepared to give it everything we’ve got.

So, for me personally, when that feeling stops, when we start trying to cut corners and try to make things easier, just so we can ‘get on with it‘, that’s when it’s gonna be time to call it a day.”


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