Ranking AC/DC’s songs that say “rock” in them

Posted by on May 26, 2016

acdc-resized-300x300Tomorrow, comedian Jim Breuer will release his debut music album, Songs From the Garageon Metal Blade Records. As we’ve mentioned before, the album, which was produced and features guitar from Volbeat/Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano, has now-former AC/DC vocalist and friend of Breuer Brian Johnson on two songs . Not surprisingly, both of the songs Johnson appears on contain the word “Rock” in them, “My Rock ‘N Roll Dream” and “Mr. Rock n Roll.” So if Johnson’s singing career is indeed over, at least he went out on a “rock” note. With AC/DC’s most recent album, Rock or Bust, having come out in 2014, the four songs on the album with “rock” in the title brought the grand total up to 22.

AC/DC is like pizza or sex, in that even when it’s bad, it’s pretty good. And when you listen to the band, you know what you’re in for. Regardless, not counting the two Breur songs, here’s our completely unofficial ranking of AC/DC songs with the word “rock” in them:

22) “Got Some Rock ‘N Roll Thunder” (from Rock or Bust)
21) “Rocking All The Way” (from Black Ice)
20) “Rock The House” (from Rock or Bust)
19) “Rock ‘N Roll Dream” (from Black Ice)
18) “Rock Or Bust (from Rock or Bust)
17) “Rock Your Heart Out” (from the Razor’s Edge)
16) “She Likes Rock ‘N Roll” (from Black Ice)
15) “Whiskey On The Rocks” (from Ballbreaker)
14) “Rock The Blues Away” (from Rock or Bust)
13) “Can’t Stop Rock ‘N Roll” (from Stiff Upper Lip)
12) “R.I.P. (Rock in Peace)” (from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap)
11) “There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin’” (from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap)
10) “Rock ‘N Roll Damnation” (from Powerage)
9) “Hard As A Rock” (from Ballbreaker)
8) “Rock ‘N Roll Train” (from Black Ice)
7) “That’s The Way I Wanna Rock ‘N Roll” (from Blow Up Your Video)
6) “Rock ‘N Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” (From Back In Black)
5) “Rocker” (from T.N.T.)
4) “Rock ‘N Roll Singer” (from High Voltage)
3) “Let There Be Rock” (from Let There Be Rock)
2) “It’s A Long Way To The Top If (You Wanna Rock ‘N Roll)”  (from High Voltage)
1) “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)” (from For Those About to Rock We Salute You)

You’ll notice that a lot of the lower-ranked songs are from their most recent two albums. That’s not necessarily a slight against those albums, but first of all, they aren’t quite as iconic as their classic ’70s and ’80s output. And also, an overwhelming seven songs with “rock” in the title come from just those two albums. On the other hand, the top ten songs are pretty much all classics. Think a different song should be in the top three? Let us know in the comments section below.

Jim Breuer and the Loud and Rowdy’s Songs From the Garage will be out tomorrow on Metal Blade Records, and can be picked up here.



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