“South of Heaven” from South of Heaven

Most people think “fast, heavy, and violent” to describe a typical Slayer song, but South of Heaven showed that they had a bit more depth. The moment the album begins with the title track’s opening riff, it drags you down into whole different kind of nightmare. This time around, Hanneman chooses to scare the shit of you not with a roller coaster ride through Hell, but with a dense fog that rolls into your mind accompanied by a chill down your spine. And then you find yourself slowly descending into the slow madness that is “South of Heaven”. Just when you think you know what to expect from Slayer, Hanneman throws you a curveball with what is arguably the band’s most haunting number.
– Matt Brown



“Postmortem” from Reign In Blood

The album might be bookended by Slayer’s two biggest songs, but “Postmortem” ought be counted as their third. This is no simple prelude to “Raining Blood”; this song is heavy and mean. It starts off mid-tempo with a riff that sounds like a manifestation of evil making its way toward you. You don’t know what its going to do next, but damn its pissed. Then the riff picks up the pace until it reaches its apex and then for the last minute of the song, it basically turns into this.
– Matt Brown