More Year-End Unlikely Metalheads

Posted by on December 15, 2009

6928383Last week, we showed you that Andrew W.K., Sara Quinn (of Tegan and Sara) and porn star Sasha Grey like the metal, via their year-end picks for best music. A tipster (thanks Diana!) let us know that indie-cenric blog Pitchfork has unveiled their list of “Best of 2009” guest contributors, and some metal shows up on that as well.

Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gaza’s (pictured) list includes Suffocation’s Blood Oath and Converge’s Axe to Fall alongside the Phoenix and Animal Collective albums that everyone other musican contributor on the site is spooging in their skinny jeans over. And Beirut multi-instrumentalist Paul Collins picked Sunn 0)))’s Monoliths & Dimensions as his favorite album and second favorite live band. But we like Fucked Up singer Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham’s description of The Iron Age’s Sleeping Eye, his #1 album of the year, the best:

This is a monster. What if the Cro-Mags were metal heads instead of skins and had been taking mushrooms and sipping lean in Austin, Texas, instead of smoking dust on the Lower East Side of New York? Psych-core? Metallic-Freak Rock? This may be the only legitimate argument for why it is cooler to sell out than stay straight edge.

We also like that he named BrokenCYDE the best live act: “My mind is still blown from this experience,” he says. “In no way am I saying that I enjoyed this, but not all art is about enjoyment, right? Would one say that they enjoyed seeing Whitehouse? This was the most offensive show I have ever been to, and I am so glad I got to see it. It was like Whitehouse, the Jonas Brothers, and 2 Live Crew had a baby that loved screamo vocals and Auto-Tune.”

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