14)Nervosa, Downfall of Mankind (Napalm)

Thrash usually falls on my top five count. However, there were so many great albums this year that it was pushed back a bit and I’ve excluded a few including Exmortus. These Brazilian thrashers new album Downfall of Mankind brought back that coarse rebellious sound, leaving no room for cookie cutter or clean fillings. It’s downright raw, brutal, and invasive. These women are pissed off at the world as they remind us to “Never Forget, Never Repeat.”

Key Track(s): “Never Forget, Never Repeat,” “Bleeding”



13) Oceans of Slumber, The Banished Heart (Century Media)

This album is dark, emotional, and honest. It will open the wounds from your own Banished Heart as you realize, you’re not alone. I was blown away after hearing the song “The Decay of Disregard,” which has become another personal overplayed/favorite track of 2018. For anyone that has a wounded heart and a love for doom, this one’s for you.

Key Track(s): “The Decay of Disregard,” “At Dawn,” “The Banished Heart”



12) Craft, White Noise and Black Metal (Season of Mist)

It’s been nearly seven years since these Swedish black metallers released a full-length record and it was well worth the wait. Perhaps we should practice patience as Craft’s new album is a great example of quality over quantity.

Key Track(s): “The Cosmic Sphere Falls,” “Tragedy of Pointless Games”



11) Therion, Beloved Antichrist (Nuclear Blast)

Therion mastermind Christofer Johnsson has done it again with the ambitious three-hour rock opera Beloved Antichrist. Also known as, his spectacular brainchild as it has surpassed being a concept album. I listened to this piece extensively, and hopefully, similar to Ayreon, we will get to see it live one day. Or, at least on BluRay.

Key Track(s): “Where Will You Go?” “Never Again” “Temple of New Jerusalem”



10) Watain, Trident Wolf Eclipse (Century Media)

Another record that was well worth the wait. Between the intensity and its overall production quality, Watain’s Trident Wolf Eclipse is a near flawless album. Honestly, I thought Marduk’s Viktoria would make the list but this record took things to a different direction that has surpassed my expectations.

Key Track(s): “Sacred Damnation” “Towards the Sanctuary”