1) Amorphis, Queen of Time (Nuclear Blast)

Not many bands that released genre defining music early so early in their career can be said to still be putting out career defining music almost thirty years later but here were are graced with Queen of Time. Somehow they followed up Under the Red Cloud with an album just as good, if not better. It was so much fun going up to Massachusetts to see them at Rock and Shock, and I already have my ticket for their tour with Anneke Van Giersbergen next year. You know they’re gonna do “Amongst Stars,” I’m so ready for 2019.

Key Track(s): “Message in the Amber” “Amongst Stars” “Daughter of Hate”

Honorable Mentions

Riverside, Wasteland & Love, Fear, and the Time Machine

Honestly think I just need more time with this one. It took me almost two years for Love, Fear, and the Time Machine to really resonate with me so I don’t really doubt this’ll be any different. Speaking of which, I needed to revisited that, so I did earlier this year and found it much more impactful this time around.
Subsignal, La Muerta
A Perfect Circle, Eat the Elephant (BMG)
Deathwhite, For A Black Tomorrow (Season of Mist)
Seventh Wonder, The Great Escape & Welcome to Atlanta Live 2014
Ne Obliviscaris, Urn (Season of Mist)
Unofficially my #1 album two years running.



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