Metal Insider’s Top 5: The best albums of 2016 (so far)

Posted by on June 24, 2016


Alix Vallecillo (in no particular order)

zhrine+albumZhrine, Unortheta (Season of Mist)

This young band hails from the cold lands of Iceland and, just like their peers in the Icelandic Black Metal scene, they created a unique and massively atmospheric album tittled Unortheta. The album was released via Season of Mist and since the moment it went into my playlist, it became one of my regulars in my daily spins. Those who attended Maryland Deathfest this year and knew about the quality of this band, were fortunate enough to catch them on stage and submerge themselves in their abrassive shroud of dissonance and chaos. If you’re a fan of atmospheric dark metal in the same lines as Svartidaudi, Aosoth or early Deathspell Omega, you should get your hands on this album here.


schammasch triangleSchammasch, Triangle (Prosthetic Records)

An album that I was anticipating for a while since it was revealed was Schammasch’s Triangle. After the enormous success of their sophomore album Contradiction, the band’s latest offering explores into new musical grounds from clean singing to nature’s ambiance surrounded by an immense vibe worth the 99 min length of the triple record. All the expectations created were met and surprassed after the first spin and will get the attention of those looking for something different in their extreme metal. Enjoy this colossal album by getting it through the Prosthetic Records website right here.


Astral PathAstral Path, An Oath To The Void (Avantgarde Music)

A brand new duo from Canada that came out of nowhere, Astral Path released this monster album a few months back and it is everything you want from an atmospheric black metal band. An interesting and smart songwriting that never stops holding your attention with a top notch production and well-balanced riffs reign a magnificent piece of art centered on the cosmos and nature. The immersive composition reflects the linear story-telling handled by a beautiful guitar-work and subtle keyboard, making a perfect contrast with the wrenching vocals. If you were paying attention to last year to bands like Mare Cognitum or Spectral Lore, you’re going to love this.


Fyrnask-Forn-e1463325146817Fyrnask, Fórn (Ván Records)

If you’re looking for aggressive, well-executed and interesting black metal, you should check Fyrnask’s last offering Fórn. This one-man project comes from Germany, delivering his third production now under the Ván Records banner, which should automatically mean it’s quality front to back. A subtle mix of aggression, intensity and atmosphere makes this record out stand among many of the orthodox black metal records so far this year and should be in every black metal fan’s radar, so don’t sleep on it and get it as soon as possible.

forteresse-640x640Forteresse, Thèmes pour la rébellion (Sepulchral Productions)

Another Canadian band bringing some of the best black metal from the region, Forteresse crafted their newest records after 5 years of releasing their fantastic album Crépuscule d’Octobre and the wait was worthy. Actual war and rebellion come to mind when blasting its relentless hymns of ferociousness which feels short and wanting more after every listen you get. Definitely a band to keep an eye on of you want some of the best metal from Quebec.


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