Metal Insider’s Top 5: The best albums of 2016 (so far)

Posted by on June 24, 2016


Eddie Jorgensen

voivod post societyVoivod,  Post Society (Century Media)

Canadian thrashers prove there is much more gas left in the tank. Piggy’s legacy is honored by guitarist Chewy and this EP only loses points for being all too brief. New record coming out soon with these songs and more. WE WANT MORE!!! 8 out of 10 acid tabs (sorry, we need more songs).



SixFeetUnder-GraveyardClassicsIVSix Feet Under, Graveyard Classics IV: The Number Of The Priest (Metal Blade)

Chris Barnes must be stoned and laughing somewhere drinking Long Island Iced teas by the caseload knowing Metal Blade will still pay for these hilarious tribute records. And while his takes on Iron Maiden and Judas Priest classics sound as if the band is playing down the street and he’s screaming directly into a boombox microphone, that is the inherent lure. 10 out 10 bong hits.


flotsamandjetsamselftitledcdbiggerFlotsam & Jetsam – S/T (AFM)

Metal Blade may have lucked out getting the No Place For Disgrace re-issue awhile back, but AFM wins by having their latest long player. Although members live in such disparate states as New York, Arizona and California, the results are all that matters. For a band that had a few missteps not worth mentioning here, this is some pure, blood-pumping, fist-clenching thrash. 9 out of 10 black Flotsam & Jetsam wristbands


kvelertakKvertelak, Nattesferd (Roadrunner)

Easily the label’s greatest release among a bevy of less than stellar releases, the label that could once do no wrong as R/C records has seemingly turned the corner. This Finnish Norwegian band is a confusing bunch and have delivered an album replete with enough cool hooks to make even the biggest metal dickhead smile from ear to ear. Don’t believe anything you read on Blabbermouth as chances are the ones posting now are too busy masturbating to their own posts to notice a good record even if it was dropped in their tub of Vaseline. 10 out of 10 hot metal chicks.



Halloween-cover_WEB-1024x1024H.P. Lovecraft Hallowe’en In A Suburb And Others (Cadabra Records)

Arguably the coolest Halloween-themed release you can can buy this year, this 1926 collection of stories gets a proper release and harrowing read by one thoughtful Andrew Leman.  These stories are full of mind-fuckery (I made that word up so deal with it!) and can scare even the coolest metal head, so leave the lights on until you know the story lines by heart. Even then, repeated playback still makes the ol’ heartbeat jump a few steps.


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