Metal Insider’s combined Top 10 albums of 2014

Posted by on December 17, 2014

behemoth-the-satanist-20144) Behemoth, The Satanist (Metal Blade) (Total Points: 19)

Making its way onto three contributors’ lists (and earning two honorable mentions) is what Zach declared is Behemoth’s “most epic, satanic sounding album to date.” “The Satanist is the type of album that hits the spot when you’re in the mood for eerie and extreme black metal, and proves that even after undergoing bone marrow transplant (and a stint as a reality TV coach), Nergal is one of the evilest fuckers in metal today,” Zach further claimed. As Kodi further points out, “Unfolding in soundtrack-esque majesty and taking daring twists and turns through its impressively tight 44 minutes, it pushes the envelope without turning away from extremity, and that’s not always an easy thing to do.”


at the gates_At War With Reality_6003) At The Gates, At War With Reality (Century Media) (Total Points: 32)

Landing on five contributor’s lists, At War With Reality is the new album from the band behind what Chris declared as “one of the most significant comebacks in recent memory.” “At War With Reality may sound like At the Gates came back to Studio Fredman 6 months after recording Slaughter of the Soul and picked their guitars back up, but it’s somehow timeless,” Kodi stated, while Bram added that “The Gothenburg sound has been appropriated by so many other bands that it’s great to see its originators snatch it back and create an album that’s classic and contemporary at the same time.”


Devin-Townsend-Z2-Small2) Devin Townsend Project, Z2 (InsideOut/Hevy Devy) (Total Points 35 and a half)

Hevy Devy’s ambitious double concept album snuck its way onto five contributors’ lists and earning an honorable mention, even topping Nick’s list. “Shameless fanboyism gets it the #1 spot, but it’s quality keeps it there,” Nick proudly admitted. “It’s long been accepted that Devin Townsend is a wizard, but Z2 makes that case stronger now more than ever,” claimed Matt. “This is all you could want from a Hevy Devy double album and the wait was very much worth it to me.”


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