Metal albums with milestone anniversaries in 2022

Posted by on June 23, 2022


01) Iron Maiden, Number Of The Beast:

Iron Maiden could have two albums on this particular list, given that Fear Of The Dark was released in 1992. But to choose one, it’s hard to dispute the impact Number Of The Beast had on the music world in 1982. Released on March 22, the band’s third studio effort features the debut of singer Bruce Dickinson and a more “ambitious” writing style. “Run For The Hills” remains a staple of hard rock radio and the album continues to make critics’ lists of top albums of all time.  


02) Motorhead, Iron Fist:

The final album from the band’s “classic” second line-up, Iron Fist found the band continuing their ascent in the US music market despite their impending implosion. While their 1980 breakthrough Ace Of Spades charted at 201, Iron Fist actually cracked the Billboard 200 at number 174. The album was criticized for being too polished, but it’s agreed that it has many solid moments


03) Judas Priest, Screaming For Vengeance:

Screaming For Vengeance may be Judas Priest’s eighth studio album, but its release on July 17, 1982 proved to be a major commercial breakthrough for the band. Single “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” was a mainstay on radios all over the US and is still a favorite four decades later. It was their first album to go platinum, let alone double platinum. 


04) Twisted Sister, Under The Blade:


2022 marks the 40th anniversary of Twisted Sister’s debut album, Under The Blade. Recorded in the UK before the band would gain much traction outside of New York, it connected with fans in the UK and led to the band signing with Atlantic, paving the way for their breakthrough LP in 1984. PopMatters called the album a “near classic” and their “most ferocious work ever. 


05) Black Sabbath, Live Evil:

Black Sabbath’s first official live album, Live Evil came at a time of turmoil for the band’s second line-up, with the metal stalwarts breaking up after its release. Despite this, the album is considered by many a good window into the band’s live show. According to AllMusic, the album has “a crystal clear, in-your-face sound” and that “by showcasing even amounts of both Ozzy and Dio material, effectively documents Black Sabbath’s renascent tours of the early ’80s.”

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