Members of GWAR, BTBAM, Abiotic and Locrian pick their top albums of 2014

Posted by on December 2, 2014

pustulusWith it being December, everyone’s starting to list their favorite albums of the year. We’re no different, which is why we’ve turned to some of the people making that music. In this installment, Between the Buried and Me’s Tommy Rogers, GWAR’s Pustulus Maximus, Travis Bartosek of Abiotic and Steven Hess of Locrian, Stay tuned throughout the week as we continue to bring you more artists’ picks for the year, followed by ours.


Pustulus Maximus of GWAR

1) Midnight, No Mercy for Mayhem

2) Supersuckers, Get the Hell

3) Peter Pan Speedrock, Buckle Up and Shove It

4) 1349, Massive Cauldron of Chaos

5) Goatwhore, Constricting Rage of the Merciless

6) Kampfar, Djevelmakt

7) Revocation, Deathless

8) Mayhem, Esoteric Warfare

9) Obituary, Inked in Blood

10) Crowbar, Symmetry in Black


Tommy Rogers of Between the Buried and Me/Thomas Giles

1) Junius, Days of the Fallen Sun

2) The Faint, Doom Abuse

3) Thom Yorke, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

4) Abigor, Leytmotif Luzifer

5) Kasabian, 48:13

6) Mutoid Man, Helium Head

7) Swans, To Be Kind

8) Weezer, Everything Will Be Alright In The End

9) Wovenhand, Refractory Obdurate

10) 1349, Massive Cauldron of Chaos


Travis Bartosek of Abiotic

1) The Ghost Inside, Dear Youth

2) Behemoth, The Satanist

3) Whitechapel, Our Endless War

4) Job For a Cowboy, Sun Eater 

5) Revocation, Deathless

6) Allegaeon, Elements of the Infinite

7) Beyond Creation, Earthborn Evolution

8) Aborted, The Necrotic Manifesto


Steven Hess of Locrian

1) Kyle Bobby Dunn, Kyle Bobby Dunn and The Infinite Sadness

2) Sunn O))) + Scott Walker, Soused

3) Metalycée, Expat Blues

4) Kevin Drumm, Shut In 

5) Ambarchi/Dunn/O’Malley, Shade Themes from Kairos

6) Maar, Ceto

7) Swans, To Be Kind

8) Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, Fuck Off, Get Free, We Pour Our Light on Everything

9) Terence Hannum, Via Negativa

10) Death Blues, Non-Fiction

11) A Winged Victory For the Sullen, Atomos

12) Yob – Clearing the Path to Ascend 

13) Godflesh, A World Lit Only By Fire

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