Next Tuesday (16),  Iron Reagan will be releasing their sophomore full-length album on Relapse Records. The crossover punk/hardcore band has been a Richmond fixture since 2012, when they formed as a side project between Municipal Waste frontman Tony Foresta and guitarist Landphil Hall and former Darkest Hour drummer Ryan Parrish. We got to catch up with Foresta at the GWAR-B-Q, where he spoke a bit about the new album, but we were able to get bassist Rob Skotis to talk about something that’s possibly even closer to their hearts – each band member’s favorite burger and the best place to eat them.  You can listen to the album on the next page, or pre-order it from Relapse, Bandcamp or iTunes, but either way, your crossover thrash quota is about to be met and exceeded, and you just might need a burger afterwards.


Top Five Cheeseburgers vs. Iron Reagan by Rob Skotis


5) Landphil vs. Sidewalk Cafe Bacon Cheeseburger (Richmond VA)

Crispy bacon vs crunchy crossover riffs, tender meat, and melted cheese vs ksm’s and hair spins. In My opinion the burger wins like it usually does while burger shopping in RVA.


4) Tony vs. Grill Em All Witte Burger (El Hambra CA)

Only the cream cheese, deep fried bacon, grilled onions, and sriracha on this burger can melt face more than Tony Forestas vocals.