Girih’s Top 5 post metal albums of 2018

Posted by on November 27, 2018

On November 16th, New Hampshire post-metal trio Girih’s debut album Eigengrau was released (order here). To celebrate their new record, we asked the group what their favorite post metal albums of 2018 are. 

1) Holy Fawn, Death Spells

Somewhere between the completely clean guitars, vocals coming from four echo chambers away, and the unified crushing moments; this album will be impacting musicians all through post metal. It is a clearly only a stepping stone for them, and we’re all excited to see what they do next. – Alex Paul (guitar)




2) Sumac, Love In Shadow

Even though it’s only 4 tracks, this has become one of my favorites this year. Each song is a masterpiece of dark, crushing riffs and grinding doom. The songs are really well thought out, going from punishing to atmospheric and everything in between. Overall this album is just fantastic beginning to end. – Jeremy Dingman (drums)


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