Take a look at this Judas Priest racy photoshoot with Penthouse pet

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Being a rockstar in the 80’s was a privilege everyone wanted to have and still wish they had nowadays. From being worshipped by a horde of fans and groupies willing to do your bidding to the insane parties involved after every show with those willing to give you a great time, the 80’s were a great decade for some of the bands we worship nowadays. One band that obviously had fun was Judas Priest and the proof of that can be seen with their work in Kerrang! that featured a Penthouse Pet.

Take a look at these images from issue #10 of Kerrang! from February of 1982 featuring Judas Priest and Penthouse Pet of the Year Cheryl Rixon having fun with the each other. The article titled “What Rock ‘N’ Roll Dreams are Maid Of: Room Service” shows Rixon in a french maid costume giving Rob Halford and company the best room service you can get.


As Dangerous Minds pointed out, the photo shoot wasn’t as well received as you’d expect. Some people actually found the piece in poor taste and sent complaint letters to the editors for publishing pictures deemed as “trashy” or “sexist.” Nowadays, a shoot like this probably wouldn’t exist as anything more than a concept. First of all, while Rob Halford’s sexual preference wasn’t questioned in 1982, not only would he probably balk at a shoot like this now, but it’d definitely be seen as trashy, despite the fact that that that’s the point of heavy metal, right? Take a look at the rest of the set below and just envy the fun Priest and a large array of metal bands had in the 80’s.

priest-penthouse-3 priest-penthouse-4 priest-penthouse-5 priest-penthouse-6 priest-penthouse-7 priest-penthouse-8


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