It seems like Varg Vikernes just can’t keep himself away from legal trouble. About a year ago now, the one man show of Burzum and his wife were arrested in France for allegedly planning a massacre. Just a short time afterwords, he was released without being charged, however. Then, come October, Varg got in more trouble with the French government, but this time, for “racial hatred and exalting war crimes” on the Internet. A few days after this accusation, his trial was postponed. Now, here we are in June, and the trial is about to begin.

Varg claims that he is innocent, and says that the blame falls on people that are impersonating him, saying, “I did not write the things that appear in the summons.”

“Vikernes told the court that according to Norwegian secret police there were, ‘at any given moment 350 people pretending to be Varg Vikernes on Facebook,’ adding that ‘anybody can very easily put up a blog’ that appeared to be one of his.”

Vikernes also went on to say that there may have been a possible misunderstanding that took place when he was in custody last year because he used a Danish interpreter to speak French for him. According to Lambgoat, if Varg is convicted, he could be fined up to €45,000, (about $61,000) and could face up to five years in jail as well. The verdict will be announced on July 8.