Today in good legal news: Lostprophets singer’s appeal denied

Posted by on July 23, 2014

watkinsIt looks like Tim Lambesis isn’t the only jailed musician to have an appeal denied in the past week. In a turn of events that will bum out pedophiles everywhere, but is a victory for everyone else, disgraced Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins and one of his female co-defendants today had an appeal for lesser prison sentenced denied in Cardiff Crown Court. Watkins is currently serving a 35 year sentence, while his female co-defendant is serving 17. Watkins, who didn’t appear in court, believed that the sentence handed down by a judge in September was too harsh. His representative, Sally O’Neill QC, attempted to argue that although he got a 10% reduction in his sentence by pleading guilty, that the 35 years was “simply too great.”

It took less than an hour for the three judges to refuse permission to appeal both Watkins and his co-defendant’s sentences. There will be a detailed reason as to why they refused the appeals handed down later this week. While the lawyers for the then-24 year-old codefendant attempted to claim she was a victim, the judge said that she not only knew Watkins’ reputation, but offered her child to him as a sacrifice. So in short, good work, judges.

[Wales Online, via theprp]

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