Time to buy Electric Wizard; album removed from retail, streaming outlets

Posted by on June 11, 2015

If you’re at a record store (remember them?) and see a copy of Electric Wizard’s  Time to Die, you should probably pick up your collector’s item quickly. Of all the evil, Satanic things that might befall Electric Wizard, you’d think that a financial issues wouldn’t be one of them, but suddenly, the album isn’t available to stream and has been pulled from retail as well. So what made their newest album suddenly their rarest? It can be pinpointed back to their drummer, Mark Greening.

Greening, who played on six of EW’s ten albums, left the band for the second time in June of 2014, a few months before the September release of Time to Die. According to a lawsuit, he’s still owed money for playing on the album, and it’s been removed from all digital retailers and is being taken out of record stores as well. It’s an unfortunate situation that a doom band as iconic as Electric Wizard has been reduced to suing each other, and also that the album, which is one of the band’s best, is no longer available. Metal Sucks points out that the only way to get it will be illegal downloading, which is unfortunate as well. Here’s hoping the situation resolves itself.

[via Metal Sucks]

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