Earlier this week, Season Of Mist were hit with legal action when imprint Forward Regression Records claimed that Terrorizer’s new song “Subterfuge” ripped off riffs by their artist Collapse. The lesser known imprint further claimed that the cover artwork for Terrorizer’s new album Hordes Of Zombies “blatantly” plagiarized the cover of Collapse’s Sustainability. Most fans, though, seem to believe that the two songs and artworks barely resemble each other. And apparently, Season Of Mist thinks the same.

Eric Greif, an attorney representing Season Of Mist, reached out to us to let him know he directly responded to Forward Regression via email. In his response, Grief says that Season Of Mist denies all allegations and they will legally defend themselves against any legal action taken. He additionally called their claims “frivolous, apocryphal and devoid of any merit whatsoever.” Furthermore, Greif proclaimed that Season Of Mist would take legal action of their own if Forward Regression continues to “harass” their distributors, clients or other business associates with the attempt of preventing the release of recordings (namely Hordes Of Zombies).

Whether this will scare off Forward Regression from moving forward with any legal action is yet to be seen, even though the majority consensus by fans is they don’t have a case, and if they press forward, it will “collapse” in court (see what we did there?). Either way, Season Of Mist and their legal representative have made it clear: they will fight back.