Scorpions address drummer’s legal issues

Posted by on May 1, 2014

james kottak scorpionsOn Tuesday, we posted a story about how Scorpion’s drummer James Kottak was arrested upon arriving in Dubai about a month ago due to allegedly yelling drunken obscenities and mooning the crowd among other things. Strangely, the rest of band has continued to perform since as if nothing happened and haven’t commented on the incident up until today. The following was posted to Scorpions’ Facebook page:

Dear fans,
when James Kottak arrived in Dubai at 3. april, he ran into problems at immigrations and got busted. whatever happened is totally out of our control and we don’t know any details about it at this point. for the concerts in germany Johan Franzon, a swedish drummer, will take James seat. please understand, we keep you posted, SCORPIONS

It sounds like the band wasn’t all that well informed about Kottak’s incident, though still a bit odd they chose not to comment until just now. Maybe they tried to sweep things under the rug, but were forced to comment after the word got out. As of now, Kottak is still  sentenced to a month in jail (though the month he spent in detention will be subtracted from that) and fined 2,000 dirhams (approximately $545),so he should be back pretty soon.

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