Former Hellyeah/Danzig Bassist Files Restraining Order

Posted by on January 2, 2012


Hell hath no fury like a spurned groupie. That’s the lesson to be learned from bassist Jerry Montano, who’s logged time in Hellyeah, Danzig and Nothingface. According to TMZ, who cited court documents, Montano met an aspiring model (more on that later) named Priscilla Caputo through friends, and they met on December 5th when “she came to my place around 4am and spent the night” (in other words, a booty call). After one more visit, he’d had enough, and after he declined her advances, Caputo sent Montano a series of harassing text messages. The following day, she allegedly went to his place when he wasn’t home, and after a roommate let her in, kicked in his bedroom door and trashed his room.

After Montano filed a police report, he told Caputo about it, to which she responded that if he filed charges against her, she would claim that he raped her. After more harassing messages from her, he filed a restraining order, which he received. Now she has to stay at least 100 yards away from him and his roommates. There will be a hearing about it on Friday to decide whether the restraining order will be made permanent. A cursory glance at her Facebook page (we’re not linking, it’s easy enough to find) makes some fleeting references to Jerry amid the typos.

And as much notoriety as this might being Caputo, this isn’t her first time in the spotlight. Last year, she became somewhat of an internet celebrity after pictures of her horrifying collagen lip injections spread online. In an article with London’s Daily Mail, she said that she couldn’t look at pictures of herself without crying, and that modeling offers had dried up after she became an internet laughingstock. While the article claims that she stopped receiving the injections, it doesn’t quite look like she’s back to normal yet. It seems like she’s pressing on with her story that he raped her, and we’ll have to wait until the 6th to find out what happens next. This should definitely serve as a warning to musicians, or pretty much anyone.

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