Last year, a lawsuit was settled resulting from an injury at a Fishbone show. A woman, Kimberly Myers, successfully sued the band’s Angelo “Dr. Madd Vibe” Moore and Norwood Fisher after Moore stage-dove at the World Cafe and landed on Myers, breaking her skull and collarbone. She’d settled with venue The World Cafe Live, the University of Pennsylvania, the band’s management and the booking agent, and Fishbone themselves were ordered to pay $1.4 million. While the band had assumed that the suit had been dropped, it’s been reinstated, and the band needs money to pay for a lawyer. Here’s what the band said about it on the Fundrazr page:

HI This is Angelo Moore front man of Fishbone.

It is unfortuante that I have to ask for your help, but if any of you have been keeping up with Fishbone through social media and or have seen our movie Everyday Sunshine it is without a doubt contrary to popular belief that we have been living the lifestyle of the fAmous BUt not Rich for the majority of our Fishbone careers.

Kimberly Myers and Her 4 man Lawyer team tHE JOKELSONS have successfully sued the Philadelphia campus, the club, our managment and our booking agent and for some strange reason, have been given Yet ANOTHER opportunity to re-open the $1.4million law suit ………..AGAIN!

We had legal representation but could’nt afford to keep them. Believe it or not we are barely living month to month with the money that we make from our shows which does’nt allow us any Funds to pay for a lawyer. But with your donation and support we can hire another lawyer  to face the judge and represent us one last time. This will put and end to this FALse and unfair acusation and completley dropped once and for all.

If you love Fishbone and the music that we have brought to you all these years along with the right of freedom of expression through dance. Please donate to our legal fund.

As of this  time, the band has raised over half of the $10,000 they’re seeking. Obviously, the band doesn’t have a spare $1.4 million lying around, and a good legal team might help get the suit dismissed against them. Again, there’s a responsibility that the band should know not to cause bodily harm to any audience members, but at the same time, if you’re going to a Fishbone show, you should know that skanking, moshing and stage diving might occur. The woman claims she didn’t know about this, and it’s within her legal right to continue to press  forward with the lawsuit, but Fishbone should absolutely have good legal counsel.