Fan suing for injury from Lamb of God show

Posted by on January 5, 2015

Lamb of God just can’t catch a break. TMZ is reporting that in 2012 William Tarantino went to one of their shows and got hurt during their set.

From TMZ:

“Bill says all was fine until the crowd went crazy, trampling him and causing traumatic fractures of the cervical spine which required surgical fusion. He says the surgery didn’t fully heal him … he has permanent spinal injuries.”

In June 2012, vocalist Randy Blythe was arrested in Prague on a manslaughter charge stemming from a fan’s death at a concert in 2010. Blythe was finally released in August of the same year, and on November 23rd Lamb of God played in Wallingford, Connecticut on their Resolution Tour at the Oakdale Theater.

Tarantino is seeking $75,000 from LiveNation for the injuries he sustained at that show. It’s questionable that he wouldn’t have known that there was a possibility he might have gotten injured in a pit, but at least it’s only Live Nation being sued and not the band itself.



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