Have you purchased any Misfits merchandise from Hot Topic recently? If so, condolences on the $75 and the kidney you lost to buy that one t-shirt. Anyway, turns out Glenn Danzig isn’t happy about such merchandise because he makes diddly-squat from it. So, Danzig decided to file a lawsuit against his former bandmate Jerry Only for keeping him out of the loop. The lawsuit claims that the use of the band’s logo is in violation of a 1994 agreement between members of the Misfits to share ownership band trademarks, specifically the infamous “Fiend Skull” logo. Danzig wants however much money he is owed plus interest. He’s also apparently making sure to take shots at Only since this quote is apparently found in the document for the lawsuit:

“After forming the band, Danzig replaced the original bass player with Caiafa, whose primary qualification was that he had recently received a bass guitar for Christmas.”

Wow. Uh, sick burn there. So yeah, that’s how this is all going to go down. Just remember that the next time you plan on giving Hot Topic your spleen in exchange for that Misfits wristband, Danzig isn’t going to see one piece of that spleen.

[Noisey via Re-Tox]