Battle over Entombed name appears to be over

Posted by on May 22, 2017

When Entombed temporarily broke up in 2014, the band splintered into two groups, and since then there’s been a battle over the band’s name. Guitarist Alex Hellid, and Uffe Cederlund as well as drummer Nicke Andersson have been involved in a battle with former singer LG Petrov over the Entombed name and trademarks. Petrov formed Entombed A.D., and since then had argued that since the band wasn’t touring or releasing albums regularly, that he was entitled to the name. On May 17, the court ruled, and it was in favor of the three members still in the band. The three Entombed members responded in a statement to Blabbermouth

“Naturally we are delighted with the decision of the courts. It’s a great relief that this issue is now finally ruled on and we can return to focusing on giving people more Entombed. We have discussed ideas and plans of what we want to do and look forward to working together on creating the best possible Entombed for the future, both in the recording studio and in a live setting.”

It’s unclear whether Entombed A.D. will be able to keep their name. Also uncertain is when we can expect to hear new music from Entombed. It’s been a decade since their last album, Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments, and have only played three shows in the last two years. 

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