Family and friends of Chi Cheng ask you to ‘Buckle Up For Chi’

Posted by on January 9, 2014

buckleupLast year’s passing of former Deftones bassist Chi Cheng was a somber reminder that life is fleeting. Following a car accident in 2008, Cheng remained in a semi-conscious state until he lost his battle. As sad as that was, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in vain. Cheng wasn’t wearing his seat belt when he got into the accident. If he did, he might have still been alive. That’s why Cheng’s mother, Jeanne Cheng, along with Gloria Cavalera and other friends have established Buckle Up For Chi, a campaign to not only honor Cheng’s legacy, but also to educate people about seat belt safety awareness. Here’s what the site says:

Buckle Up For Chi was established in an effort to honor the memory of an amazing man who’s life was tragically changed after he was involved in a car accident in which he was not wearing his seatbelt. This campaign serves as a tribute to not only the legacy he left behind, but to the lives that will be saved because of seat belt awareness.

Created by the late Chi Cheng’s family, friends, and fans, and run 100% by volunteers, BUFC’s mission is simple: to save the world through seat belt safety awareness. Thank you Chi. We celebrate your life and will make you proud!

Buckle Up For Chi is taking paypal donations via buckleupforchi[at]gmail[dot]com, or via the site’s donation page. You can also buy merch that will not only show your support for Chi, but help get the message across.


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