Times Of Grace, the new project featuring Killswitch Engage’s Adam Dutkiewicz and ex-KSE singer Jesse Leach, will be releasing their new album The Hymn Of A Broken Man on January 18. Unfortunately, though, something that happens too often in today’s day in age occurred: the album leaked online. And Leach is rightfully upset about it.

This past weekend, Leach released the following statement about the leak:

“So the inevitable has happened, the record of my career has been put out there without consideration for all of the hard work and promotion. I know this is the day and age we live in and this happens to everyone now. I still don’t feel it is right regardless of the reasoning. To me, it is like if I were a painter and I worked for four years on a painting. Every single brush stroke was painstakingly conceived, every tone and texture worked and reworked until it was just right. I would sit for hours in my studio sipping on a drink and thinking: Is this good? Is it just right? I would go out and live my life outside of the studio and any chance I got I would go back and just stare at it making sure it was exactly how I wanted it. Then, after reworking it a dozen times, I put it under a tarp and spent months planning the revealing of it at my gallery opening. Then, one night, some clever fellow broke into my studio ripped of the tarp and took a quick Polaroid photo of the painting. This art thief then published the photo in a local magazine, so the painting is now a photo of a photo.

I know what some of you are thinking, ‘Dude, get over it. This happens all of the time,’ and I know it does, but I am not going to front and pretend ‘it is all good.’ The least I can do is say something, so that’s what I am doing. There is nothing I can physically do, so this is it. Don’t get me wrong, folks — I am still excited for January 18th! I have been waiting a long time for this and no lo-fi Polaroid shoddy leak is going to take that away from me. I am confident you good people will still support us.

For all those who already bought the record, many, many heartfelt thanks to you all your support has gotten me out of my day job and in preparation for the road once again! I get to have a second shot at making a living off of my music! To me, this is incredible and I count my blessings every day! All of your messages, comments and promotion is awesome. All of you give me hope and gracious words every day. Thanks for giving a damn about me and my art. I feel I do have a purpose with my music and it has nothing to do with fame and fortune. Just getting simple honest recognition and respect means a great deal to me.

So again thank you all for your support and every time I see a comment pleading with people to buy the record regardless, it makes me smile. Well, off to train and get my but into shape for the upcoming tour! Cue the Rocky IV training montage music… going for a run out in the snow!”

It’s true that online leaks are as rare as a bear shitting in the woods, but it’s still unfortunate. It’s hard enough that music is getting downloaded illegally after its release date, let alone before it’s even made public. Furthermore, it’s a shame that the only thing musicians like Leach can do when thieves steal their work is release statements voicing their displeasure. While we’d like to hope that the leak won’t affect its sales too much, it isn’t necessarily like albums are selling that well anyway.

In addition to releasing their debut album on January 18, Times Of Grace will be making their live debut on their upcoming February tour.