If you’re a band and your album leaks, what do you do? If you’re Bring me the Horizon, you push the album’s release up a month,stream it for free for a week, and then have your singer release a statement about how “phenomenal demand” is the reason you’re releasing it early. That’s what happened today, with Oli Sykes making the following statement after Sempiternal’s release date was moved to April 2 from April 30:

“Due to overwhelming and phenomenal demand, Sempiternal will be with you sooner than you thought, we are glad you have heard and & love it and all we can ask is if you enjoy this album you’ll help the band continue to make records and buy it when it’s released officially.”

It’s probably a good move on the band/label/management’s part to stream the album for a week. Not that it will necessarily stop those that have already downloaded the album from spreading it, but most fans will listen legally for a week, then hold out for another month, as opposed to succumbing to illegally obtaining the album after knowing other people have a two month headstart on listening to it. You can pre-order the album here, and listen to it via YouTube after the jump. Or, ya know, if you’re a rebel, you can probably find it online somewhere.