For those of you not reading Pitchfork or caring that much about hip-hop, OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or Odd Future for short) are  a Los Angeles hip-hop collective that many are viewing as the future of hip hop. Not unlike the Wu-Tang Clan, they have multiple members, many of whom have solo projects. What does any of this have to do with metal? Well, they have their own label, and they’ve just signed Sacramento hardcore band Trash Talk to them. This marks the first project on the label that isn’t part of the Odd Future collective. Odd Future’s L-Boy released a statement about the signing, and while it should be pretty easy to fill in the blanks, we’ve provided a translation after the release:


So them muthafu***** ova at Odd Future records done signed a fu***** group of crackas and ni**** in a hardcore punk band called Trash Talk. I mean it makes sense since Odd Future fans is them white ni**** anyway. Trash Talk is supposed to be releasing they album called “119” or some sh** thru they Trash Talk Collective Label in the fall.. don’t ask me what the f*** that means cuz I don’t fu*****  kno. I asked Tyler’s trick ass what he thought about that sh** and I really didn’t give a f*** so I’m not gone put that sh** on here. Them Trash Talk ni**** is currently over in Europe with them musty muthaf******.
If you give a f*** about they sh**t then  listen to them ni**** EP on iTunes called Awake or watch the fuckin video ni***.


Here’s our translation:  We at Odd Future Records are very excited to have signed the multicultural hardcore punk band Trash Talk. Since Odd Future draws a crossover crowd, this signing makes sense. Their forthcoming album, 119, will be released on our label via the band’s Trash Talk Collective Label. I’m not quite sure of the business details. I asked my cohort Tyler the Creator, and his answer wasn’t interesting enough to include in this press release. Trash Talk is currently touring in Europe, where I believe people smell bad. If you’d like to acquaint yourself with Trash Talk’s previous material, I’d suggest their EP Awake, which is available on iTunes.

via [Pitchfork]