Sevendust sign with Rise Records

Posted by on July 10, 2017

For the last eleven years, Sevendust have had their own label, 7Bros. They’ve said that doing things themselves has made them more money that being with a label, but it’s a lot more labor-intensive. As Morgan Rose told us a few years ago: 

This is no tour support, there is no money given to us. Everything we spend in every aspect of it comes right out of our pockets. You can make more money that way and you can spend more money that way. 

And while the band remain successful on their own, they’ve decided for the first time in a long time that they’ve signed with a label, Rise Records. That’s a ballsy move for both band and label. It’s unknown whether they’ll continue to have 7Bros as an imprint. Rise, for their part, have been going beyond their beginnings as a metalcore label, having signed Five Finger Death Punch last year. However, with Sevendust hitting the studio in November with Michael “Alvis” Baskette,” they might have their album out before FFDP, given the issues they’ve been having with their current label and frontman.

Here’s John Connolly’s update stating what’s going on with the band.

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