It came as no surprise when Fred Durst revealed that Limp Bizkit had parted ways with Interscope Records. And while they did hint that they were “joining forces with the unexpected” to release new music, this definitely comes as a surprise.

Limp Bizkit have reportedly signed a new recording deal with hip hop label Cash Money Records. Durst himself confirmed the news via numerous tweets, while rapper and now label mate Lil Wayne let it slip during a radio interview. In addition to Lil Wayne, the label’s roster includes Nicki Minaj, Drake, Birdman (also founder and CEO of the label), and Busta Rhymes.

On the one hand, this shouldn’t come as a huge shocker since Limp Bizkit has always had a major rap influence in its music. In fact, the rap metal pioneers might have a better shot working with a hip hop label than they would with a rock or major label. We’d argue that most of Limp Bizkit’s fans nowadays are more into rap anyway (or at least no metal head will publicly admit their love for the band). Plus, Gold Cobra’s first week sales (great for an indie band, but pales in comparison to their past album sales) proves that maybe going in a different direction is what Limp Bizkit needs.