Kylesa launch own label, Retro Futurist Records

Posted by on December 12, 2013

It’s kind of strange to think of Kylesa as music industry veterans, but they’ve been around since 2001 and have logged time at Prosthetic, Season of Mist, and At A Loss and a handful of smaller labels for singles. Now they’re launching their own label, Retro Futurist Records. While the band themselves remain on Season of Mist, they’ll be helping out other artists they like via the label. The band’s first release will be from Canadian prog trio Sierra via their album Pslip. The album will be released on vinyl. In fact, the label will release music digitally and via vinyl only. They’re not partnering with any distributors yet, instead going direct to consumer.

Retro Futurist is also offering a six-month vinyl subscription series, with subscribers receiving the Sierra vinyl, albums by Jagged Vision, Darkentries, Wet Socks, a hand-printed and numbered Kylesa 7″, a mystery 7″ and a Retro Futurist shirt by Santos. Find out more about that here.

“The idea behind Retro Futurist Records is to provide an artist-friendly home to bands we like and bands we feel are relevant in aesthetic, sound, concept and/or ethics,” Kylesa’s Laura Pleasants commented.

The label’s release schedule is as follows:
January 28: Sierra, Pslip
February 25: Jagged Vision, Harvest Earth
March 25: Darkentries, The Make Believe
April 29: Wet Socks, TBA

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