Want to know why the Internet rules? Because of random things on Reddit. Sure, there are some awful things  to be found on there, but then you find something like a 2 year-old “playing” Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls on Parade” on Guitar Hero. There are a number of things that rule about this clip uploaded to YouTube by user Gabe White:

1) The kid really isn’t “playing” the game at all, just kind of posing. He’s killing it as far as stage presence goes.

2) Dude knows how to mug in front of a camera.

3) The other kid might be even better. He or she kinda reaches for the acoustic guitar, but is also messing around with a drumstick, which is probably not the best toy for a kid that can barely walk.

4) Much like most of the Rage Against the Machine catalog, the kid is just dancing around to the song, not thinking anything about Zacj de la Rocha’s anti-government, politically charged lyrics. He’s just another sheep. And adorable, precocious sheep.