Nowadays, you know you’re getting closer and closer to the release of an album when bands start posting more songs or snippets online leading up to the big day. And that’s basically what Van Halen are doing, as late last night they posted another 90 second sample of song off of A Different Kind Of Truth. This time, it’s a snippet of “Stay Frosty,” which was featured in last night’s episode of CSI and can be heard in the video above. Though it starts off slow with a bluea guitar riff, the song cuts out right as Eddie’s heavy riffs come in. Luckily, though, CSI used the more rocking part of the song in the episode’s strip club scene (how perfect?). Our mini-review of the song? Its very reminiscent of “Ice Cream Man,” even down to the title.

However, yesterday’s sampling of “Blood And Fire” is still causing a stir around the web for the wrong reasons. Remember how we joked yesterday about how there was “no word” yet on whether the song shared similarities with an old demo? Well, turns out it does. Many hardcore fans noticed that “Blood And Fire” is essentially the same riff to an instrumental Eddie Van Halen recorded for the 1984 Cameron Crowe movie The Wild Life, which he also wrote the entire score for. Of course, this isn’t the first time Van Halen have been accused of reworking old demos or unreleased songs for A Different Kind Of Truth. But unlike the accusations with “Tattoo,” the similarities between “Blood And Fire” and the instrumental called “Ripley” are hard to miss.

Judge for yourself, and listen to both the “Blood And Fire” sample and “Ripley” after the jump. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time till fans discover what demo “Stay Frosty” resembles. But from where we stand, better to hear old Van Halen reworked with Diamond Dave than new stuff.

So here’s “Blood And Fire”:



And here’s “Ripley”: