Scott Kelly of Neurosis to appear on Mastodon album (again)

Posted by on January 24, 2017

Photo: Jimmy Hubbard

Neurosis’ Scott Kelly is no stranger to Mastodon, considering they are great friends and made guest appearances on nearly every single Mastodon album, 2002’s Remission aside. It is no secret that we are anxiously waiting for this new album to come out, and it seems like we’re hearing a little more about the release almost every day including, making it one of the most anticipated albums everywhere from Atlanta to in the moon. Today’s update involves a recent interview Kelly had with the That’s Not Metal podcast, admitting his involvement with the new album.

Kelly made the following comment concerning the new material:

“Yeah, I just got it this morning. It’s fucking good, it’s really good. I have not listened to the whole thing completely yet — I’ve gotten through about 2/3rd’s of it. It’s aggressive. It’s the same guy who produced Crack The Skye (Brendan O’Brien) but I haven’t… the production is a little bit… It’s not quite as shimmery as that is, it’s little bit rawer — which I like. Although I really thought Crack The Skye, that was kind of the one that I really hold up as the pinnacle for them in my mind. I need to digest it, it’s a great album.”

The full interview is available below. If you want to hear Kelly discuss Mastodon’s new album yourself, clock in around the 40 minute mark.

Here are all of the tracks has Kelly worked on with Mastodon to date!

“Aqua Dementia” – Leviathan (2004)

“Crystal Skull” – Blood Mountain (2006)

“Crack the Skye” – Crack the Skye (2009)

“Spectrelight” – The Hunter (2011)

“Diamond in the Witch House” – Once More ‘Round the Sun (2014)

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