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Paws, Pets & Metal is Metal Insider’s newest column on bands with pets, discovering who watches them on the road, and more. Get to know more about these metal furbabies. We caught up with New Jersey’s Who On Earth bassist Pete Rizzi as he explains his cats raise their paws to Faster Pussycat.


Tell us more about your pet(s) and their names?

Hey everyone.  Wow, what a fun topic to talk about….my pets!  For the record I do love dogs but in the cat vs. dog pet preference debate, it’s hands down cats for me. I have three of these amazing animals, all rescues and each one of them “cat-shit” crazy in their own unique little ways. If you are also a cat parent, you know what the hell I’m talking about. From chasing their own tails, to seemingly seeing invisible beings, to getting locked in closets, climbing shit without a clue as to how to get down and ultimately cat fighting with each other, these guys are a constant source of activity and entertainment. The two girls are Izzy, an all-black beauty and the toughest of the bunch and Didi an absolute loveable but fiercely bitchy feline who is always in the mix whenever there is a fight, Didi is the least affectionate of the three. She might rub by your ankle occasionally, but that’s all you’ll get from her. And last, but certainly not least is Eddie, yes named after THAT Eddie of Iron Maiden fame. Eddie is an absolute teddy bear who loves humans and is happiest when he is on someone’s lap licking their hands with his sandpaper tongue or just enjoying being pet. I have to say these guys are pretty low maintenance and an absolute marvel to observe. What amazing little creatures. It’s no wonder the ancient Egyptians considered them sacred and mummified their bodies! 




Have you ever taken your pet on tour?

God no!  I would love to have them hang with us at the end of the day, but they would get into too much trouble and probably be freaked out all the time. Not good for them or me!




Who looks after your pet while on the road?

My oldest son lives with me, and we share the responsibility even though it’s shared 90/10 with me doing most of the work. Kids!




What’s your pet’s favorite song or album?

They love Faster Pussycat and argue among themselves as to who is fastest, but I don’t let them play that stuff in my house! Ha.




How did you introduce your pet to metal?

The minute Izzy and Eddie, who are brother and sister, came home they were introduced to metal. Music is constantly playing in this house and many times when I’m jamming and writing one of these guys is on my lap or sitting on the amp. They are metalheads for sure!




What animal charity means most to you?

For pets like turtles, snakes, rabbits, fish, etc. I think the best charity for them would be to set them free, back into their natural habits, especially birds. I hate seeing animals in cages or tanks for our education or amusement. But for domesticated animals like cats and dogs, I believe that to adopt them and give them a home and make them part of the family is the greatest act of kindness towards them. I know feral cats only live on average about 3 years, especially here in the Northeast where the winters can be tough. Having pets isn’t always easy but the rewards are huge because these animals have emotions and give as much love as they get. I saw a bumper sticker recently that said, “Who rescued who?” and it’s true man. These animals know unconditional love in a way we humans only talk about. They have a purity and natural wisdom that is healthy for me to be around.  



Who On Earth’s debut album, Blame, is out now. Order here