Metal Insider’s Jeff Podoshen speaks with Vreid’s Jarle Kvale on upcoming concept album ‘Wild North West’

Posted by on February 26, 2021


Norwegian extreme metal veterans are releasing their upcoming concept record entitled Wild North West, this Spring. The “North West,” though, that they’re talking about isn’t Portland, Oregon or Seattle (though both might fit that “wild” moniker these days); rather it’s the Norwegian state of Sogndal. The region, north of Bergen, is one of many mountains and small villages. It is the bleak and wintery setting for this new record.

Of course, there’s more than just the record. Vreid has put together a really creative film, inspired by the work of David Lynch, to coincide with the album’s release. The first chapter of the film has already been released to the public and can be viewed right here:


We speak with bassist and producer/director of the film, Jarle Kvale here:



From Season of Mist:

Wild North West is a concept album that developed alongside an entire movie. Inspired by both true events and pure imagination, the listener is taken on a whirlwind of a journey, diving deep into themes of war, fear, betrayal, loss, anxiety, and madness with thought-provoking lyrics that embody human nature. It captures the Nordic heart at the core of their sound, taking cues from Norway’s rugged landscape as it ricochets between eternal darkness and the solace of bracing light.”


Wild North West will be released on April 30 via Season of Mist.  Pre-orders are available for ‘Wild North West’ HERE.

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