Interview: The Halo Effect Niclas Engelin (ex-In Flames) discusses debut album ‘Days of the Lost’

Posted by on August 10, 2022

photo credit: Markus Esselmark


The Halo Effect, the new project featuring Dark Tranquillity and former In Flames members, are gearing up for their debut album, Days Of The Lost, out Friday (12th) via Nuclear Blast (pre-order here). We caught up with guitarist Niclas Engelin (ex-In Flames) to discuss the record. 


While at first it seemed like a surprising new project, The Halo Effect is now shaping to be a full band. Going back to the beginning, how did this group come together?  

We have known each other since 89/90 when we were hangin out and playing at youth centers and small clubs in the Gothenburg area. It was a community of Metalheads who hung out and shared our demos and thoughts about Heavy Metal and it’s the same nowadays when we meet up!! So we could easily have formed this band back in the early 90’s.


What was the process like creating the album, Days of the Lost

It was a very inspiring recording and easy in the way that we have known each other for so long and have been playing together which makes it easy to just go for it and be creative. We wanted an organic warm sound but still very punchy and hooky, the vibe of recording on a actual tape like back in the day. I think the good thing about the process is that we were all involved in the creative process of writing and never interfered in anyone’s playing and ideas, we wanted a flow of ideas to just have fun with the music!!


With Mikael Stanne’s extensive touring with Dark Tranquillity this year, what was the overall time management like to finish the album? 

We have to be very careful and plan ahead with calendars which makes it doable for everyone!


What’s your response to hearing fans comparing “The Halo Effect,” to In Flames? 

I don’t dwell into those things, we are all part of the Gothenburg Death Metal scene and have been since the formative years and the comparison is something that comes along. I´m proud of what we all have created along the way!


What was the experience like creating the video for the title track, “Days of the Lost?” 

Awwww… that was a cold one. It was in late January on a rooftop at Ringön in Gothenburg BUT we got lucky cus´there was only ice cold winds and NO rain or snow which was a blessing!! We had a lot of fun creating these videos cus everyone was suffering and we made the most of it with tons of jokes and laughs!



Can you talk more about the songs “In Broken Trust” and “A Truth Worth Lying For?” 

I can only talk about the music side of things cus´Mikael is the magician when it comes to lyrics and vocals! I wanted an early Rainbow vibe with In Broken Trust along with our style of Riffage which later breaks into a big thick chorus with Mikael´s vocals. The melody is an important part in our music and as soon as we have something like that going we can add the spice of brutality and heavy Riffage which is the case of The Truth Worth Lying For.


Do you have any plans for this year you can share with us? 

We have done 3 festivals so far and are going to play at the mighty Wacken Open Air this weekend and later next weekend Download in Japan which is just amazing!! And we are heading into a European tour with the mighty Amon Amarth and Machine Head which will be alooooot of fun and then heading back into the studio to create new magic!!


Is there anything else you want to say or add about the album? 

I´m so happy and proud of our band and album and we are having tons of fun doing this together. I’m soooo beyond freakin happy that people seem to like it and getting into all things The Halo Effect which is an amazing feeling!



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