Interview: Taake live guitarist Aindiachai talks about new project Ovate

Posted by on May 22, 2018

As we published here a little over a week ago, Norway’s Ovate is set to release their debut record.  The band is a collaboration between Taake and Gorgoroth live guitarist Aindiachai and Taake live drummer Brodd.  Ovate has released two songs from the five track record and both really hit it out of the park.  The record (limited to 300 black vinyl copies), which is a top contender for my best of 2018 list, features a strong cadre of guest vocalists.  These include Hoest from Taake, V’gandr from Helheim (and live Taake), Eld from Aeternus and Gaahl’s Wyrd (live), Ese from Slegest and Odemark of the 3rd Attempt.

I recently caught up with Aindiachai as Ovate and Soulseller Records prepare for the record’s release on June 1. 

How did you guys decide to get together and start a project on your own?

It is easy to cooperate with likeminded people and it makes sense in the long run as far as efficiency is concerned.  We both play live with Taake, so the collaboration was made easier by that factor.

What has been your songwriting process?

It comes pretty natural when one’s mind is in the right place and inspiration is utilized in the correct way.  Anything that is premeditated often becomes forced and unnatural.

Can you tell us about the themes of your original songs?  

The five guest vocalists introduced their own unique touch on the album whilst remaining loyal to a theme of enlightenment within chaos and beauty, light within darkness.


There is a lot of unique lead guitar work on this record, what inspired you to go down that path, which deviates a bit from much Norwegian black metal?

Again, noting is premeditated and the outcome is always undetermined until end. I don’t put thought into being something that may or may not sound like something else.  I was always inspired by the early Norwegian scene but it was never an option to become an emulation of it. When the initial composition is put down everything else flows and expands from there.


What is it like playing in Taake live?

It has become a huge part of who I am and what I have become. It is always a pleasure to work with musical genius and I intend to do it until the end.


Do you have any plans to play these songs live?

That depends, if enough people wish to see Ovate live then it will be highly possible. We shall see how the album is received and take it from there. I would of course like to play live with this and I believe it would be a unique experience. There are many unique ideas floating around.


Ovate releases June 1 on Soulseller Records and is available here from aisa merch.  Black vinyl is limited to 300 copies.  My prediction is that this will sell out.  Get your copy now.

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