Interview: OTTTO’s Bryan Noah Ferretti talks new album ‘Life Is A Game’

Posted by on March 28, 2023

Photo Credit: Jeff Gilhooley


Los Angeles metal trio OTTTO have just dropped their latest album, Life Is A Game, on March 24th via ORG. The band featuring the talents of Triko Chavez on drums, Bryan Noah Ferretti on vocals and guitar, and Tye Trujillo on bass, is poised to shake things up with their hard-hitting sound. Metal Insider caught up with Ferretti to get the inside scoop on the record and the creative process behind it. 


What was the writing process like for the new album Life Is A Game?

The writing process started before lockdown early 2020 then ramped back up in 2021 and finally finished by 2022. We started writing at Henson Recording Studios, recording drums and laying down some demo bass, guitar, and vocals in Studio D. We then moved to Pulse Studios to track all the rhythm guitars and bass tracks, and finally on to Steve Ogan’s studio in Venice to re-track some guitar and bass and vocal and more drums for new jams. 


What are some themes for the record? 

Some of the themes that inspired us were personal experiences of life encounters, dealing with emotions during isolation and learning how to deal with things you’ve never had to face, and things that we like to do in our free time.


Can you talk about the recording experience for the songs “Night Howlers” and “Dance of the Dead?”

I remember in Dance of the Dead. I was trying to create a cool transition lick in-between the chorus and next verse and after I got the right takes on both sides of the rhythm tracks I was relieved. Shit was hard for me to get clean and on the beat. I would get mad occasionally for not playing something as clean as I wanted and it would frustrate me. For the cleaner intro part I used a Strat instead of the regular Les Paul combo I was using. It’s cool how the studio allows you to select a certain sound and it was cool to see Tim Harkins, our producer, work and try out different preamps and pickup variations to make it feel present in the mix.




How was it like creating the video for “My Pain?”

My Pain was a fun DIY style video. Thank you to the neighbors in Culver City for not being too mad. We taped up the cymbals and drums to try and dampen the sound as much as possible but out of the tunnel it echoed. Also the wave shot was sick cause the military helicopter that flew over had me psyched!


Can you talk more about the arrangements for the Record Store Day exclusive EP, Locos Live In Venice?

It was a great day hanging with friends and family at the Juice Magazine House where Locos Live In Venice was recorded. It was also equally kick ass at Fingerprints in Long Beach where we had the vinyl release party.


What are you stoked for the most for your upcoming shows?

I’m looking forward to playing some new spots and meeting new people. I’m also excited to start playing more frequently and longer sets. 


What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Continue to work on my vocals and guitar playing and music writing. Staying focused and visiting family. Also play more shows. 


Is there anything else you want to say or add about the new album?

I would like to thank everyone that helped make this album. Everyone who helped with videos, recording process, everyone who works at the studios, all our families for their love and support and most of all to everyone we can connect to through music. 



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