Interview: NiteSoil’s Frank Godla (Metal Injection) on ‘Abusement Park’ EP

Posted by on December 15, 2020


Nitesoil, the new bi-coastal death metal project formed by Frank Godla (Metal Injection, Meek is Murder, Enabler) and Nick Emde (Contracult Collectie, White Widows Pact), have unleashed their music to the world with their EP, Abusement Park. What made this EP standout from others this year is, not only did the duo invite a guest singer on each track, all proceeds have been donated to the Cancer Research Institute. We caught up with Godla to discuss the EP, what cancer research means to him and revealed his favorite EPs of 2020. 

What made you decide on introducing NiteSoil during the Slay At Home Fest this past May?

Nitesoil is something we started before the pandemic, so when I came up with the plans for Slay At Home and knew our LP was postponed in mixing while Will Putney had to shut his studio down, I figured it was a good way for us to stay active. The reality is that our latest song is what premiered first, and our oldest material last. We’re not exactly a conventional band, so why it’s fitting our timeline is just as dumb. 


What was the experience getting Abusement Park together during a pandemic?

We actually finished tracking right before the quarantine, so that wasn’t much of an issue. Especially since Nick and I worked remotely via file sharing and then I had each vocalist come by my place to track, and it went super smooth in just a few takes each. The only interference we really had was waiting on the mix/master of the album since the studio was shut down for months. But that’s no complaint, we’re stoked on how it all came out! 


Can you talk more about recruiting a guest singer for each track?

The music always comes first for Nitesoil, usually from a big ol pile of riffs that Nick sends me, which I’ll arrange and lay down some grooves to form songs. Once we have something we’re both digging we’ll discuss who would be a killer vocalist on the track, and from there it’s a matter of reaching out to friends and trying to make it all happen. For instance, the first track has a lot of Brujeria groove flavor in it and naturally Jessica was the first person we thought about for the song from her ties with them. I’m incredibly fortunate to know so many talented artists out there, and even more fortunate they’re into the idea of working together no matter how silly the project is! 



How has the overall response been since Abusement Park was released?

I got an email from someone who purchased the release saying they had two nights of diarrhea after consuming the EP, so I think the response has been great! 


What should fans expect to see from NiteSoil in 2021?

More ignorant slam for the sake of good deeds, more collaborations, more merchandise, and maybe even some more video content. First we have to get cracking on new music, and I’ve been tied up with some personal stuff that’s really affected my time to make new music. It’ll happen, though. 


What made you decide to donate all proceeds on this EP to the Cancer Research Institute?

My dad was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer a year ago, and only a few months later I watched him wither away to nothing and pass away in my arms. I’ll spare you the details on how I melted down into the darkest pit of my life, but in lots of ways I know I’ll never recover. He was my biggest inspiration for everything I’ve accomplished. Nick has also experienced loss of family due to cancer. We always knew the release would be sold for charity, but when it came time to decide on the cause it seemed like a no brainer. 

Like many causes out there, cancer is something so many people brush off because they’re not directly affected. That is, until they are, because it statically will affect everyone in the world in some shape or form. They make up stupid slogans like “Cancer Sucks” or “Fuck Cancer” as if that helps in the slightest. The truth is every cancer is so incredibly different and goes way above people’s heads. My dad was unfortunate to get the most aggressive cancer in the world at an early age and they haven’t even begun to scratch the surface for a cure to help others like him. 

Our aim is a small gesture to help the research behind these types of cancers, and hope for a better day when doctors know what they’re doing with this. 


Aside from NiteSoil, what were some of the strongest EP’s that were released this year?

The new Carcass as well as the two Ihsahn EP’s that came out this year were stellar! If you listen to ours, you better listen to those and see how it’s really done. 


Is there anything else you want to say or add?

Thanks to everyone that gave our silly band a chance, thanks to everyone that supports underground music, and thanks to everyone that supports causes like Cancer Research. To some we make scary angry music, but we truly believe in doing good and hope it inspires others to create and spread positive messages as well. 


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