Photo credit: Alex Krauss


Imperial Triumphant have unleashed their latest offering, Spirit Of Ecstasy, on July 22nd via Century Media Records. We caught up with Zachary Ilya Ezrin (vocals, guitars) to discuss the album. 


What was the process like recording Spirit of Ecstasy?

The process was generally very smooth. We tracked the album live as a trio in Colin Marston’s studio “Menegroth”. Then after basic tracking, all overdubs, vocals and aux instruments are carefully laid into the mix.


How would you compare the new album to 2020’s Alphaville?

It’s a lot like BBQ. Alphaville was just the first course.


How has the pandemic influenced the writing for the new record?

Well, instead of touring for months and months after Alphaville came out, we just went straight back into writing mode. So it did allow us to write and record a new album fairly quickly.


Can you talk more about the songs “Tower of Glory, City of Shame” and “In the Pleasure

of their Company?”

‘Tower of Glory’ and “In the pleasure” are both very similar in the sense that they were written by us as a trio in the rehearsal studio. There’s something very special about these types of songs because it’s pure collaboration and instant creation. Of course there’s still a lot of fine tuning that goes on after the song is written. In the Pleasure was also a great opportunity to invite many contributors to play on one track and make it feel really like a late night downtown jam.




What was your experience creating the video for “Merkurius Gilded?”

That video was one of the smoothest productions we’ve ever done. It was also incredibly enjoyable to shoot with all of our friends and contemporaries like Couch Slut, Max Gorelick and Andromeda Anarchia. I’m very content with the final product and it’s great to see others appreciating it as well.



How have you guys evolved since the release of 2012’s Abominamentvm?

Our music is a lot like BBQ. The longer you smoke it, the more tender the meat. Spirit of Ecstasy compared to Abominamentvm: falling off the bone.


Do you have any plans for this year you can share with us?

Yes we will be doing a headlining tour of Europe from August to September and then immediately going on a North American tour supporting Zeal & Ardor from September to August.


Is there anything else you want to say or add?

Thank you to everyone for the support. Hope you enjoy the record and be sure to buy tickets to our next show in your town.