photo credit: Jeremy Saffer


DevilDriver just wrapped up the second leg of their Double Trouble tour with Cradle of Filth. Metal Insider caught up with drummer Davier Perez to discuss road life, post pandemic touring challenges, favorite eats, and more. 


How has the tour been so far?

So far I have been having a blast, playing in different cities, feeling more in tune with my brothers and been feeling more relaxed since now is my second tour with the band.


Has anything on the trek changed since the first leg of the tour?

We are definitely touring in a different season and in different markets, but the biggest difference in this second run is that even though we have a lot of familiar faces (Cradle Of Filth and Black Satellite family) we have two new additions, I’ll Niño and Savage Existence. I have to say that it’s pretty cool having more latinos on this run, and since I’m Puerto Rican I’m all about it, Wepa! 


What have been some of your favorite eats while on the road?

Usually, I try to stay as healthy as possible on the road.  My main go to is ramen (Mike and Alex are responsible for this haha) or Latin food (mainly Caribbean) or going grocery shopping to be on top of what I’m eating. 


How has touring changed since the pandemic?

I feel like there have been ups and downs overall. On the positive side, I observed that people are more appreciative of the fact that live music/shows and concerts are back. Musicians/Artists seem to value the opportunity to be able to perform in front of an audience. Fans are more supportive and bands/productions are stepping up the game to bring the best performance they can. On the negative side, the cost of touring has doubled, sometimes tripled, there is a shortage of buses and shortage in material to build music gear (in my case drum gear). This has forced musicians/productions to plan things more ahead of time, so we are able to meet touring demands and deadlines. There are more restrictions to go overseas and getting traveling permits takes almost twice as long. 


What have been some challenges while on the road thus far?

Aside from the things I already mentioned in the question above, being away from your loved ones is a big one for me. While you go out on the road, your day to day is very similar – the city is the only variable. But back home life keeps moving, so you miss family events, birthdays, family gatherings and holidays. So basically, when you get back, It feels like you have a lot of catching up to do, but even though it gets difficult, I will do it over and over again because I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.


What’s on everyone’s playlist while on the road?

For me lately is been:


Between The Buried and Me


Lorna Shore

Misery Index 




Acid Bath

The Gapp Band




The Dead South



Black Sabbath 

Mercyful Fate


Acid Witch

Demon Hunter (Newest Album)


Dream Theater


Greg Howe

Symphony X



What was it like formulating the setlist for this particular trek?

As most of you know, DevilDriver has an extensive discography (10 albums total) so we have a lot of material to choose from. For the most part, Dez and Michael usually take the lead on choosing what makes sense for the fans and for the tour that we are on. We discuss it as a group and after choosing the ones that make the most sense we try to arrange them in an order that would give the most impact live. 


For Dez, how is it like being on the road with Ill Nino again. Seems like ages since the Coal Chamber tour back in 2000, now, over 20 years later, different faces, careers, how’s it like sharing the stage with them?

They are nice guys, it’s always good to see a long time band still going, and they are fun to watch – what with three drummers etc! – Dez Fafara 


What plans should fans expect once the tour wraps up, whether with DevilDriver that you can reveal?

We are definitely working on new music and there are plans in motion for the band to perform outside the states. 


Is there anything else you’d like to say or add?

I want to thank the guys in DevilDriver for making me part of their family and want to thank all the fans that have welcomed me with open arms. I also want to thank everyone that has made it out to a show, streamed our music, bought merch, hung out with us or supported us in any shape or form. Your support means the world to us and we love you.  “De la Isla pa’l mundo Puñeta!” – Davier Pérez Ortega