Finnish rockers Blind Channel have been making waves for the last decade with their nu-metal resurgence approach. As they gear up to trek across the globe, Exit Emotions, their latest offering, arrived just in time before a busy touring year on March 1st via Century Media. While their music draws inspiration from popular genres like hip-hop, pop, and metal, Blind Channel puts a unique spin, highlighting the next generation of nu-metal beats. Blind Channel will soon embark on their first U.S. tour of 2024 next month, opening each night for P.O.D. ‘s I Got That trek with special guests Bad Wolves and Norma Jean. We caught up with the group before they hit the road to discuss their new album.

What was the creative process like for the new album, Exit Emotions?

The creative process was pretty international: we wrote the album in multiple countries with multiple songwriters in the USA, UK & Germany. The ending result sounds like that!

What inspired the themes explored in this album?

Our personal struggles & our lifestyle the last couple years, including heavy touring all around the globe. We wanted to capture our past experiences to this concept album called EXIT EMOTIONS.

Can you discuss more on tracks, “Deadzone” and “Wolves In California?”

DEADZONE is the biggest single from the album and it’s the very first track from us that entered on Billboard Mainstream Rock Airplay – charts. The song was born in LA with Johnny Andrews (Motionless In White, Three Days Grace) and since the very first notes of the demo we knew we had a hit! WOLVES IN CALIFORNIA was also born in LA but this time we were writing the local: Jason from Fever333 who knew exactly how to capture that Cali vibe and make it rock with us = wolves.

What was it like collaborating with From Ashes To New on “XOXO” and RØRY and Apocalyptica on “Die Another Day?”

From Ashes To New is our biggest feat ever. We are humbled to have them featuring on our song coz we love em & their music a lot. The song also fits perfectly to both bands & their styles. DIE ANOTHER DAY was pretty natural follow up after our songwriting session in London with RORY. She sounds magical & made a lot for the track. Super beautiful. Perttu from Apocalyptica happened coz our producer friend Joonas Parkkonen was recording Apocalyptica and he asked would he be down to rec some cellos to our new single.

How do you follow through with your own description as being the “Backstreet Boys of the metal scene?”

It’s natural for us. It all started 10 years ago when we played our very first festival shows as a part of the band competition called Wacken Metal Battle. People in Finland (true metalheads) meant “that boy band in a metal scene” as an insult but we knew that was actually the perfect definition for the band.

As part of the nu-metal revival, what other bands do you recommend are also part of this resurgence?

From Ashes To New, Ghostkid, Lost Society & Normandie, to mention a few!

What plans do you have for this year that you can reveal?

A LOT of touring around the globe! We try to make this album go big everywhere possible. That means a lot of work on the road but we’re here for it!

Is there anything else you’d like to say or add about the new album?

Make sure to share it with your friends. That really means a lot. Also the physical album is beautiful!