Interview: Anette Olzon (Dark Element/ex-Nightwish) talks new album “Strong”

Posted by on October 20, 2021



Anette Olzon’s new album, Strong, has been available since September 10th, and she’s been receiving a positive response since. We caught up with The Dark Element/ ex-Nightwish singer to discuss her sophomore solo effort, the follow-up to 2014’s Shine, and more.


How has the response been for the new album, Strong?

It’s been good as far as I’ve seen and that’s really nice.


What challenges did you go through getting this album together during the pandemic?

None as far as the procedure of writing and recording it since it’s normal today to work from a distance and I did already before there was a pandemic.  


Can you talk more about the songs “Parasite” and “Sick of You?”

 They both handle subjects where someone uses their power over others, where parasite is about people that seem to be nice and meaning to be/do good but really only cares about their own power and winning. It can be your boss at work, a politician, your friend or even your spouse. Sick of you is in a way the same kinda thing but more about someone that you’ve trusted and loved but the person has over and overused and also abused you, physically or mentally, and now you finally see that and kick he/she out of your life. 



This album seems stronger and heavier than your prior solo effort, is there an overall theme for this album?

No, not a theme, I just wanted to make a much heavier and faster kinda album this time and write about how I kinda see the world and its phenomena that I react to or feel are important to me.


Do you have any plans for a tour or Livestream in support of the new album?

No tour or livestream is planned. I believe we have to see what happens in the world first. 


Now that the album is out, do you have any updates on The Dark Element or any other projects your listeners should know about?

I don’t know when a new The dark element is planned but I’m busy recording two full albums now and one is the second Allen/Olzon album.


Is there anything else you want to say or add about the album?

I hope the ones buying it or listening to it will like the heavier sound and get empowered and stronger from it.




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