Five things Koningsor learned recording their self-titled EP during COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by on April 22, 2021


Austin melodic math metal outfit Koningsor are gearing up for the release of their self-titled EP, out digitally on April 30th via Silent Pendulum Records (order here). We asked drummer Andy Sadler to list five things he learned about creating the EP during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


01) Practice patience: Recording is already a challenging/stressful process, and a million extra variables were just thrown into the mix. Good bands are already flexible since it’s the nature of the beast, so don’t let frustrations get in the way. When the curveballs come, and they will come, roll with them and try to move forward the best you can. Spending time focusing on how to recover from a setback will always be time better spent than if you focus on all the negative shit. 

02) Use your down-time wisely: So someone got exposed and now drum/guitar tracking is pushed back 2 weeks??? That’s ok, don’t get mad. Unless you’re sick, fate just gave everyone in the band 2 more weeks to prepare, consider the time a gift. 

03) Protect the process: Get tested. Stay away from places that are naturally going to be a hotspot. If you can keep the bubble to just a few people you greatly minimize the chance of it being YOUR fault that the session gets postponed. Which inevitably will happen but it’s a much less difficult pill to swallow if you aren’t kicking yourself in the ass because of it. 

04) Stay focused: Seems like fate threw every curveball life could muster at us and we were fortunate we had a common goal in mind to focus on and use as our anchor. As long as everyone is communicating and is on the same page you’ll be able to make it through A LOT of problems pandemic or not.

05) Have fun: With the media selling us “the world is on fire!” At every opportunity we found it’s more important than ever to remember that playing music is a gift. Turn off the TV, turn off social media, pick up your instrument and remember this is the work we volunteered for. Getting through the ups and downs of recording during a pandemic is much more bearable if you can stay optimistic. 



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