Exclusive interview: 20 years later, we talk to O.J.!

Posted by on June 13, 2014

On June 12, 1994, the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found at O.J. Simpson’s Brentwood estate. The low speed chase, subsequent trial and acquittal of the actor and former football player mesmerized America. Through some maneuvering through the legal system and strings being pulled, Metal Insider was able to conduct an exclusive interview with O.J. Read on: 

Hey OJ, it’s an honor to chat with you. Have you run around any airports or football fields lately?

You do know that I’m OJ from Byzantine, not OJ Simpson, right? I haven’t been to an airport since I flew back from doing vocals for the Black Cap Miner thrash metal cover album I did last summer (available thru Itunes and Amazon). I can’t tell you when I last stepped foot on a football field. But yeah, Byzantine is writing a new album scheduled to be released February 2015. Thanks for asking, Bram!


OK, enough with the small talk. It’s been 20 years since your ex-wife and Ron Goldman were found stabbed to death. Are you any closer to finding the real killer?

What!?!? 20 years ago I was 19, jamming Slayer’s Divine Intervention, Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven and Testament’s Low. I also remember that was the year that COC made the vast change in sound from 1991’s Blind to 1994’s Deliverance. Alice in Chains dropped the amazing Jar of Flies, Machine Head stormed onto the scene with Burn My Eyes and this was also the year that Korn made it cool to cry in the studio and In Flames started rolling out crappy music, which is against the law in Gothenburg, Sweden. I wasn’t killing white bitches. I’m white and from West Virginia.


You’ve got to admit that it seems a little suspicious, even though you were acquitted. Let me just come out and ask. Did you do it?  

OK, the only thing I was accused of in 1994 was moving to Waco, TX and starting a band with an escaped Branch Dividian. He was David Koresh’s lead guitarist and bailed about a month before the ATF said “let’s firebomb a dude for having guns and multiple wives.” We were called Colors of Darkness. True story.


20 years ago, the world sat transfixed as you attempted to escape following the murders in a white Ford Bronco. What was it like being in a vehicle with the whole world watching?

I got my 1st DUI in a blue Pontiac Grand Am, thank you very fucking much. Never try to steal a pizza from Domino’s at 3 AM on a Sunday. They ARE NOT open! My 2nd DUI was in a black Jeep Cherokee. Cops fucked me on that one. I passed the field test and everything.


You’re currently in jail for armed robbery. Do you find that ironic after having been acquitted of a far more serious crime?

I’m not currently in jail for armed robbery. I don’t own a gun. I do, however, have some machine gun like riffage that I’ll be aiming at your fucking face come Feb 2015. Be prepared Bram! Drink milk ‘Cause OJ will kill you!


Have you talked to Kato Kaelin lately?

OJ: Funny thing you mentioned Kato… I was just talking to him the other – FUCK YOU!!!!

Im OJ from Byzantine! Im not OJ Simpson. He’s black. I’m tan. He’s uber famous and I’m sitting at my PC in my underwear at midnight answering your emails hoping someone gives a shit. Oddly enough, there is a Kato connection. Our newest album will be funded again through a pledging platform which will be launched in July. Our highest tier is, in fact, called the “Kato Kaelin Package.” In the Kato Kaelin package, you and a friend stay a weekend with me, enjoy a private practice session by Byzantine and a private listening party of the new album, and have dinner and drinks with the band plus some other goodies for both of them. What more can a girl ask for? Eating pepperoni rolls, drinking High Life and listening to us jam “Soul Eraser” over and over… Good times!

So now, can we free OJ Simpson already before Leslie Nielsen goes and dies and we never get another Naked Gun movie!?!?!


I think you’re a little late on that one…


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